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Driving eCommerce Success in a Dynamic Digital Landscape

By Miriam Tomassini, Vice President, Client Services
& Pratish Pushkar, Director, Analytics

eCommerce has become more important than ever. According to Statista figures, more than 238.1 million people in the US aged 14 years and above will research products online this year. A 2022 Raydiant study on US consumer behavior also reports that 56.6% of survey respondents prefer to shop online rather than in person. That is an approximately 10% jump from 2020’s statistics. As eCommerce becomes increasingly popular, businesses are faced with the challenge of finding new ways to reach and connect with their target audience. That’s where eCommerce marketing comes in.

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Cleaner Energy, AI, and a Brighter Future – CCOM Highlights “The Power Behind Energy Clients”

By Sandra Pastrana
Senior VP

Adjusting the A/C to the perfect temperature, taking long, hot showers and charging our devices on repeat—guilty! Only to miss those ‘nice to’ or ‘must haves’ when they’re not available. If you only think of energy when it’s not there for you, it’s easy to take it for granted—but the reality is power affects more than our daily rituals; it impacts the world at large.

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Surround yourself with people who inspire

The company you keep will matter to you and your company. It’s a lesson Luis González Esteves, co-chairman of CCOM Group Inc., recently shared with CEO Blog Nation, and one that stems from years of experience, instinct, and surrounding himself with great minds. A quote for the interview follows, along with a link to the full article.

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Industry Trends Within the Field of Public Relations

By Angie Diaz
VP, Public Relations

There have undoubtedly been several changes and evolution within the field of public relations over the past couple of years. Influencer marketing, brand activations, the rise of TikTok and more have all impacted how PR professionals engage with the consumer and the programming they put forth within their business and client proposals.

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Let the Cookie Crumble: Navigating the Cookie-less World

By Pratish Pushkar
Director, Digital Analytics

At present, consumer data is collected by cookies, which are small codes that enable brands and advertisers to track and target consumers according to their online behavior. Brands have leveraged this data to personalize online experiences and offer tailored content and messaging. As consumers become more aware of their information being publicly available and often resold, Cookies become more invasive. In response, lawmakers are imposing data privacy laws and regulations to prevent advertisers from viewing and using data without consumer consent, and in order to adhere to such regulations, Tech companies like Google and Apple are implementing additional privacy standards.

Business Thought Leadership

Why Advertising-based Video On Demand Should be in Your Future

By Roberto Lago
VP Media, Channel Integration

Once dominated by Netflix and Amazon, subscription services are now losing market share to the new kids on the block offering advertising-based video on demand (AVOD) services. In the pipeline are offerings from premium providers such as Disney+, the Discovery Plus/HBO Max merger and ultimately Netflix’s, which recently backtracked on its no-ads posturing. By 2025, it is estimated that 165MM US viewers will be accessing AVOD content, accounting for 61% of digital video viewers.

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