Slide We're a full-service, multicultural agency based in Miami with a global reach. Our diverse leadership team features industry experts who know how to speak your language. We are a cultural-loving collective that believes great ideas take work, and we never shy away from doing what it takes to make it happen for our client partners. 
Luis Gonzalez


Sergio Rodriguez

VP Creative Services

Manuel Machado


Sandra Pastrana

Group VP Client Services

Jorge Espinosa

Managing Director

Lina Baena

Group VP Public Relations

Jan Michael Ramery

Events Director

Gisela Fabelo

VP Finance

Roberto Lago

VP Media, Channel Integration Director

Marcella Murillo

Account Director

Miriam Tomassini

VP Client Services

Michel Rivero

Creative Director

Andre Coniaric

Associate Creative Director

Claudia Ovalle

Jr. Media Buyer

Raul Rovira

Associate Creative Director

Colleen Fallon

Associate Creative Director

Reuben Pereira

Senior Project Manager

Daniela Reyes

Account Supervisor

Lulu Cepero

Human Resources Director

Lauren García-Maradiaga

Account Supervisor

Guillermo Sebastiani

Video Editor

Jason Greenawalt

Director of Technology

Ivett Gonzalez

Accounts Payable

Jessica Storm

Media Supervisor

Luis Angel Guerra

Logistics Coordinator

Johanna Gonzalez

Associate VP Finance

Domingo Fabelo

Site Support

Junior Jimenez

Art Director

Manny Reyes

Business and Production Manager

Mila Morante

Account Manager

Mariorl Calderon

Account Manager

Milanys Pacheco

Accounts Payable

Ana Ramirez

Accounts Receivable

Angie Diaz

Account Director

Silvia Guerra

Accounting Coordinator

Rob Cervantes

Account Executive

Tibby Delgado

Broadcast Investment Lead

Rosana Amado

Art Director

Tiffney Foster

Account Executive

Valerie Dignazio

Executive Assistant

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