CCOM Group wins big during the 2022 ADDY Awards

This year we’re celebrating BIG with 42 ADDY awards—11 gold and 31 silver. That’s more than double our awards from last year! 

At the local level, we’ve been recognized specifically for TV, online video, events, web design, social media, music, sound design and more. Among the winners are Florida Power & Light Company, Southeast Toyota Distributors, LLC, Neutrogena, Don Q Rum, Concacaf and Clean and Clear.

We are also being awarded eight ADDYs at the District level (Florida and the Caribbean.) Three gold ADDYs and one silver goes to Florida Power & Light while Southeast Toyota Distributors, Don Q Rum, Concacaf and Neutrogena each took silver. 

In the throes of a new normal that is a global pandemic, we continue to deliver exceptional campaigns to our world-class clients across a wide range of agency disciplines. “It’s in part thanks to our client partners who are committed to investing in meaningful work that raises the level of conversation over and over again,” says Manuel Machado, Co-Chairman.

This year’s tally makes us the agency with the most wins in all of South Florida! It’s also thanks to our industry creatives, designers, copywriters, strategists, marketers and more. “Our team continues to deliver exceptional work that’s relevant to the times and not only connects with our audiences, but moves them,” offers Co-Chairman, Luis Gonzalez Esteves.

The AFFMiami recognizes and rewards individual marketers for their outstanding work. Fifteen ADDY awards in 2020 and 42 in 2021. It’s anyone’s guess what next year will bring but we’d like to think we’re only trending up from here!

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